Advanced Deck Stair Building Tips – Materials

If you’re not familiar with stair building or deck construction, you need to make sure that you read this article, because it could make the difference between building a deck with a set of stairs that will last for a long time or start giving you grief within a few years.

Advanced deck stair building tips can provide you with a little bit of information, that goes a long way in the construction business. The first thing I would like to comment on, when building a set of stairs for your outdoor deck, is the wood to use.

It’s not a bad idea to use redwood or cedar for your deck and stairs. Both of these woods seem to hold up under extreme weather conditions and often look great and can last for years if maintained properly. You could always use construction standard building materials as structural supports to save money on your new deck and set up stairs.

Now what about nails, screws and other building hardware? Make sure that you use galvanized or zinc coated screws, nails and building hardware for your exterior deck and stairway construction. These materials will last and are actually meant to last for an extremely long time if the deck is built properly.

Make sure that your new set of stairs sits on top of a concrete surface and is not going to be exposed to moisture anywhere. Change the direction of your sprinklers and make sure that you’re not wasting any water on your new stairway, because water will definitely ruin most building materials eventually.

Good stair building construction starts with good materials, so make sure that you use the right materials, when building your new deck and stairway.

Frequently Asked Questions About Building Construction

How much money should I pay my contractor in advance?

• It depends on whether you are talking labor or materials. If you are dealing with a weak contractor, you may be asked to pay for the materials in advance…This is risky, however, you may want to take this risk to get a lower overall price. Make the check payable to both the contractor and the supplier. And get a lien release which is discussed further in this article.

• Regarding the labor part of the contract, I see no reason to pay the contractor for his labor in advance of the work being done…Do you get paid in advance?

How do I find a contractor?

• Word of mouth, internet, yellow pages, advertisements in your local newspaper, and you might try asking your local hardware store if they could recommend someone.

How do I know if the contractor is trustworthy?

• You must keep in mind there will always be some risk no matter who you choose.

I have sustained some storm damage to my house when a tree fell on it. The insurance appraiser is telling me that their cost of repairs is less than the contractor will charge me to repair the house. What can I do?

• Get more bids on the cost of repairs.

• Negotiate with your insurance company, and if no resolution;

• Get a construction consultant’s opinion.

• Get a Lawyer.

What does cost per square foot mean?

• It all depends on how the term is used. If you are discussing land it is the total cost divided by the square footage. A 10,000 square foot lot that cost $50,000.00 would have a cost per square foot of $5.00

• If you are trying to get the cost per square foot of a house you would divide the square footage of the house into the price of the house. A house with 2,000 square feet that is worth $100,000.00 would have a cost per square foot of $50.00.

What is a change order?

• A change order is a deviation from the original plans and specifications at the request of the owner or due to some unforeseen need to alter the construction from the original plan.

How should I handle change orders during construction?

• Very carefully… Some contractors thrive on getting as many change orders out of you as they can. This is viewed as extra money in their pocket. You should only approve of a change order if you are convinced that the contract did not include this work, such as a change you requested after the contract has been signed. Even when you want the change, you must insist upon the cost being broken down into labor and materials. If the price is too high, negotiate or do without. Do not be very accommodating with change orders. Turn down all change orders you do not agree with. You do not want to declare open season on your pocketbook.

What is a lien release?

• This is a statement of costs from the builder or supplier which have been paid. All lien releases should be notarized.

• Do make sure you get a notarized lien release from the material supplier. You also want to get a notarized partial lien release when you are making partial progress payments to your contractor. You will also need a final lien release from your contractor when the work is finished and the last payment is to be made. You want to exchange the final lien release for the final check, Not the check first.

What are forms?

• Forms are used to create a shape of some building material such as concrete.

• They are used for footings, slabs, driveways and many other uses. They can be made from various materials such as, wood, metal, cardboard and even the earth becomes a form for the footings of a building.

What are reinforcing rods?

• These are hardened pieces of steel, often called rebar, which are used to strengthen the concrete when placed in the form at designated locations prior to pouring the concrete/

What is meant by the term, ‘dried-in.”

• This is the stage of construction when a building can be worked in without the workmen getting wet. Generally the exterior walls have been erected, and the roof is in place.

When would I be considered a General Contractor?

• When you engage the subcontractors to work on your building and over see the scheduling and completion of the work.

• Most states will allow the owner of the proposed structure to act as their own General Contractor. You need to be check with your local building authority, prior to acting as your own General Contractor.

Pole Barns – The Choice For Your Next Building Construction Project

As construction of homes and other buildings begins picking back up despite the fact that the economy has yet to fully “recover,” every builder is looking for an economical solution to meet their needs. Due to this need of affordability and efficiency in construction, pole buildings (more commonly known as pole barns) are growing in popularity for both residential and commercial designs.

Pole barns are constructed using a process known as post frame construction. Post frame construction is completed by dropping posts deep into the ground and connecting them horizontally using lumber. The lumber is commonly covered in some type of sheet metal, and the poles act as the bracing, foundation, and frame of the building. Typically, pole buildings are constructed out of metal, are single story, and have shallow-pitched or gambrel roofing.

The most common uses of pole barns are in agricultural settings. Horse barns and storage buildings are quite easy to construct using post frame construction and make very attractive pole barns. Pole buildings also have a commercial and industrial purpose. Companies use pole buildings for storage of a variety of hardware and other retail inventory. Large industrial manufacturing workshops can also use pole buildings to shelter their main production floor or to act as a garage of inventory or automobiles.

Agricultural and commercial usage isn’t the only way pole barns are used. Residential use of these versatile buildings is on the rise for general storage purposes. The biggest area of growth in this industry is in the municipal marketplace. Government bureaus and municipalities nationwide are using post frame construction to minimize the costs of having new buildings put up while keeping to a regular improvement and maintenance schedule.

Post frame construction is also one of the greener forms of construction in the marketplace. Developers are increasingly aware of choosing the most environmentally-friendly materials for the job.

The next time your family, business, or government agency is considering the addition of a building to your property, you might find that pole buildings developed using post frame construction could be the perfect solution. Green, affordable, and efficiently built, pole barns or buildings can be developed in all sizes to satisfy all needs.

Whether you’re in the market for a small shed or a large municipal building, pole buildings are likely the best choice for your next construction project. Make sure you consider the them next time you’re looking to develop a new piece of land.

Things To Remember While Opting Building Construction Materials!

In the fast moving world, most of the people don’t even bother to inquire about the materials being used in building their homes and structures. They always overlook the fact that the every tall or dwarf structure is standing due to the mingled support of the high quality building construction materials. People have made a common belief that cheaper is always better, but it is not at all true, when it comes to construction material.

There is a herd of building construction suppliers in the market, who will promise you to provide several high quality materials for the construction purposes on lesser rates. They might even offer you heavy discounts for bulk orders, but it is not necessary that they will last for years. For instance, if you choose a low quality iron it will deteriorate quickly and decay the base foundation of the structure. In fact, it will escalate the chances of collapsing the whole building. That is why, it is always suggested to carry out a detailed re-search of various companies and opt for the reliable one. Hereon some of the key factors which should be kept in mind while searching for the building materials suppliers.

Before taking any step, take a thorough visit of the land where you want to establish your dream project and then construct a blue print of it. You should be fully aware with the kind of architecture you want to develop, so that you can decide upon the quantity and quality of material needed for the structure.

Then, negotiate with the builders and bring each and every small point in lime light, before signing any contract. For instance, the time of payment, installments, in how much time they will accomplish the whole structure, time of working hours and the most importantly the type of materials being used in building. Through this you would be able to analyze the cost cutting of the budget. It does take a lot of time and efforts as there are many concerns that demands reconsideration while rejuvenating or remodeling the whole building.

Moreover, if you are a newbie and do not have acquaintance, who can guide you for buying material, you can take help from online suppliers. There is a gamut of websites that will help you in deciding engineered wood products, laminated veneered lumber, hardware insulation installation, lumber and metal products used, roofing, sidings, stakes, shims and much more. Compare all the available rates and detailed information of the products on different websites. Even if you mushroom your search you will find, some websites even allow customers to place bid on the bulk building construction materials. If you place any online order, you can track it with your order number. Basically, online suppliers create such hefty discounts to gain the trust of new customers. It does not matter that you are a builder or a contractors; if you are buying material in bulk they will provide huge discounts.

Although, it is very difficult for any individual to search a reliable supplier, always take advice from the known experts, as the quality should not be suffered from any point. Do some self-online research, compare the prices of top 10 companies and then decide up on any conclusion. That’s how an entire process of buying a construction material should be done.