Pole Barns – The Choice For Your Next Building Construction Project

As construction of homes and other buildings begins picking back up despite the fact that the economy has yet to fully “recover,” every builder is looking for an economical solution to meet their needs. Due to this need of affordability and efficiency in construction, pole buildings (more commonly known as pole barns) are growing in popularity for both residential and commercial designs.

Pole barns are constructed using a process known as post frame construction. Post frame construction is completed by dropping posts deep into the ground and connecting them horizontally using lumber. The lumber is commonly covered in some type of sheet metal, and the poles act as the bracing, foundation, and frame of the building. Typically, pole buildings are constructed out of metal, are single story, and have shallow-pitched or gambrel roofing.

The most common uses of pole barns are in agricultural settings. Horse barns and storage buildings are quite easy to construct using post frame construction and make very attractive pole barns. Pole buildings also have a commercial and industrial purpose. Companies use pole buildings for storage of a variety of hardware and other retail inventory. Large industrial manufacturing workshops can also use pole buildings to shelter their main production floor or to act as a garage of inventory or automobiles.

Agricultural and commercial usage isn’t the only way pole barns are used. Residential use of these versatile buildings is on the rise for general storage purposes. The biggest area of growth in this industry is in the municipal marketplace. Government bureaus and municipalities nationwide are using post frame construction to minimize the costs of having new buildings put up while keeping to a regular improvement and maintenance schedule.

Post frame construction is also one of the greener forms of construction in the marketplace. Developers are increasingly aware of choosing the most environmentally-friendly materials for the job.

The next time your family, business, or government agency is considering the addition of a building to your property, you might find that pole buildings developed using post frame construction could be the perfect solution. Green, affordable, and efficiently built, pole barns or buildings can be developed in all sizes to satisfy all needs.

Whether you’re in the market for a small shed or a large municipal building, pole buildings are likely the best choice for your next construction project. Make sure you consider the them next time you’re looking to develop a new piece of land.